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Ceiling Painting

Ceilings are usually neglected as most people focus more on pimping up their walls and decorating their house.  The other reason is the ceiling is the place that less disturb or damaged/ dirty by traffic as it is high up of the building.

paint peel off

When is the time to repaint the ceiling?

Look up, is your ceiling paint peeling off? Is there rain seeping through your ceiling during heavy downpours ( especially if you are stay at highest floor in HDB/ Condominium)?  Falling off concrete / cement plaster that might exposed the reinforced bar ? Repainting for the New Year look ?And, many more other reasons that really need a refreshing coat of paint to your ceiling!

Ceiling Painting- Spalling Concrete

Things to note before Repainting the Ceiling

If your existing concrete slab ceiling has issue like spalling concrete, peeling off paint, damaged ceiling board, you may need to get it fix prior to apply any new coat of paint. Treat the root cause of formwork before new paint work.

For the spalling concrete issue, you may need to get a specialist that know how to treat the problem instead of just get your painter cover up with any cement/ putty.

Surface preparation is crucial to ensure good bonding of the finishing paint and undercoat paint. Scrap off all the loose plaster/ paint coat and select a suitable sealer ( Oil base or water base) depend on the location. It is recommend to use oil pail seal ( moisture resistance primer) on the high moisture location like bathroom and kitchen or before the RC flat roof ( for the top floor owner).

Finishing Coat for the Ceiling

Most commonly in Singapore, the ceiling is painted in matt emulsion paint where it can be served well to reduce the reflection for the ceiling light. White emulsion paint eg. Nippon Matex or choose the anti-mould paint like ICI- Mouldguard paint to minimise of growing of fungus especially on the poor ventilation rooms and high moisture with air-conditioning.

White colour is perfectly fine and easy to blend with any kind of wall colour or themes.

Need Help for Repaint the Ceiling?

We offer affordable ceiling painting services for all nooks and crannies in Singapore! We can help to assess your ceiling situation and provide solution and treatment if needed ( separate charge applied).

Our painters will make protective measures so that your walls are not being stained by the paint meant for the ceiling. We will use high quality painter’s tape so that the paint does not tear off. We will also cover your furniture and move them aside so that the ceiling paint does not drip on the furniture. After painting, we will move them back to their original positions.

Hire Painting Contactor Singapore

CONTACT US  by dropping your request to get non-obligation quote today.


We have more than 10 years of experience in this field and we will make your ceiling shine once again! We only use good quality paint and hire only adept adept painters. For different budget, we also can tailor made the quote accordingly.  Full assurance is given that your ceiling is in good hands by engage our painting services.

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