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Exterior Painting Services

Exterior Painting for your Properties be it your home, office, warehouse or your building, it always periodically repainting the exterior surface at least every 5 years.

This is because the exterior surface of building is subject to weather, rain and shine compare with your interior paint.  If your exterior wall is facing damages, leakages or undergone renovation, the defects shall be properly address and resolve before exterior paint taking place.

Selection of  Exterior Paint

If it is existing building, proper cleaning with water jet is required to remove the dirt, stain or peeling off paint before start the new paint. Oil sealer to be applied after the touch up putty for the unevenness is rectified to cover up existing paint before new colour scheme is taking place. As for metal work, acrylic or enamel paint  will be used together with the oil primer or undercoat. For special effects, spray texture paint will be adopted by used of air-compressor and stamping roller for intended texture and effects.

The major paint manufacturers commonly make known Singapore will be Nippon Paint, Dulex ICI, Kansai Paint, Kangaroo Paint etc. Most of paint can be easily available for local store and as formal commercial in bulk order, the manufacture can be specially made to order base on the standard RAL colour  chart.

exterior wall painting


Exterior Painting Access

The work involved in exterior wall will required site visit as the access and site space for scaffolding or boom-lift may not be easily make available.   Worker to perform the painting work shall under go proper working at height training, including familiar and train to used of any boom or scissor lift work beyond more than 2 m. The scaffolding shall be erected by approved scaffold contractor and required to be inspected weekly by scaffold supervisor and well maintain from time to time. Failure to do so is violating the rules and subject to fine by the MOM.  For cases that like in commercial building, gondola elevated platform is commonly install and operate from top down. Traffic control and special permit is required if there is a need to occupied common access or public road.

Our recent project in one of condominium in Novena Square shopping mall,  we has been used a combination of fix scaffolding access for non- accessible by boom lift to repaint the exterior wall.

Why Us?

Our experience is not only in newly constructed project, but also in existing building and commercial building ranging from apartment, condominium to shop houses and office tower. Some of experience painters has been with our team more than 10 years and be able to perform all kind of painting from normal paint to in tumescent paint on plastered wall to metal works.

What we offer to our customer :

  • Free non-obligation quotation on site inspection
  • Free consultation and recommendation
  • No gimmick, no hidden cost
  • provide experience and valid workers
  • used all genuine manufacturer paint

We provide full product and workmanship warranty for all our painting work. Five years joint product warranty with our paint manufactures  for all our work done.

Call or drop us a line to discuss your exterior painting needs for your properties.

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