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Fireproof Paint

There is no denying that fireproof paint can prove to be very useful for painting residential or commercial complexes. This can protect the building from damage caused due to fire. No wonder many home owners and business groups’prefer to get the buildings painted by highly skilled and professional painters who can get the work done as per the needs and requirements of clients.

The fire retardant material present in such paint can easily form a char that acts as a barrier and cuts off fuel to the fire thereby protecting the building or the equipment from the damage. This protects the underlying structures giving precious extra time for the evacuation of the occupants of a building and allowing fire fighters longer to arrive and quench the blaze so that the damage is minimized.

If you are looking for impeccable quality results in home or office painting then it is always in your best interest to rely only on a leading painting house or paint company in Singapore. You can easily find a whole lot of it through online search. However not all can deliver you the best results at the most affordable price in a customized and comprehensive way. Hence it is very important to check into the price quotes and features and get the desired painting work done by the expert professionals. In additional to that, the fireproof paint also required to be approved by SCDF and had tested with required fire rating to able to provide HPA on the thickness of the structure.

Fire protective coating uses intumescent product that are mostly hydrates, sodium silicates and graphite elements. The hydrates release water vapor when exposed to heat, inducing a cooling effect and producing the fire-retarding char that insulates against fire growth. Many hydrates-based low-pressure intumescents are used in fire protective coatings that act as fire-proofing, because of this endothermic property.

The intumescent products protect steel’s structure and helps in minimizing the losses caused due to fire. Besides this the fire protective coating system helps save lives. Fire protective coatings systems should allow for the safe escape of people when fire breaks out. A slow spread of fire and its rapid extinguishing also preserves the structural soundness of the building and saves assets and the overall infrastructure from costly damage. And in the event of emergency fire-fighting operations, fire protective systems can also prevent any harm to rescuers and firefighters on the job.

So make it a point to get your home or office painted by fire proofing paint by the expert and professional painters such that you not only get the best quality results but also guaranteed satisfaction and an assured peace of mind.

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