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Intumescent Paint


Quality painting can offers sophistication and elegance to one’s home or office, but as for intumescent paint is not only offer aesthetic but fireproof your building. The intumescent paint has been widely used for offices, conservative houses, commercial building in Singapore when the exposed steel structure is required to be fire proofed or applied fire retardant with 1 hour or 2 hour fire rated.The top surface of paint can be coated with colour match the client selection.

This intumescent paint are those fire retardants that are used to protect any substance or building from catching fire. Intumescent fire retardant paint are widely used by professional painters who use them as a passive protection mechanism of the building against fire. The paint containing the intumescent when exposed to the flames of a fire expands to become a black foam or “char barrier” which can be almost an few mm thick and coats the surface that the paint has been applied to.

Intumescent Paint

This char acts as a barrier that cuts off much-needed fuel to the burning fire and protects the underlying structures giving precious extra time for the evacuation of the occupants of a building and allowing fire fighters longer to arrive and quench the blaze so that the damage is minimized.

Thickness of Intumescent Paint

The thickness of the intumescent paint is subjected to the size members and thickness of the steel section. The HP/A will be reference for the tested steel members in reference the fire rating hour required. The range of thickness is varies from 0.5mm thk to 3.5 mm thk in most cases.

Intumescent Paint Vs Vermiculite Spray

The conventional way for fire proofing to steel structure is used vermiculite spray which is more rough and thicker. The thickness of spray can be up to 50 mm thk compare with 3 mm thk on intumescent paint in some cases. The surface applied is rough and uneven, more fragile or easily crack or drop ( internal grade vermiculite) in loose particulars. The other aspect is the price of vermiculite spray is relatively cheaper if compare with intumescent paint.

The aesthetic look and thin film of protection coating is the plus point when applied the fireproofing work on the steel work. This is a reason there are more shopping mall, offices and even residential house is used that for the roof structures, slab supports and special structure.


Have Steel Structure to be Intumescent painted?

Do you have steel structure members that required fire proofed and in paint finished instead of conventional vermiculite spray? We had solution for you. Call our sales person to discuss more in detail.

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