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Make Different in your Office Wall

Make Different in your Office Wall

Do you feel that your office environment and atmosphere is dull and not lively?

We all know that our mood is be able influence by the environment and  we should not under estimate how long we are staying in the office with the team. By providing a good colour painting of the room or theme, it will provide more conducive atmosphere and indirectly increase the productivity and user experience.

Refresh your Office Wall with Painting Work

Good feeling is subjective and it is so important that your office team is with positive energy. Periodically changing the colour by just over paint it different colour or create a feature wall is the most economical investment or budget for makeover for your office. The cost of repainting the office and paint a feature wall can just start from $1000 only. The money will sure well spend when in compare with the return of your staff productivity.

wall painting designs for office

Do don’t over look for the pleasant of feature wall when your client and customer step into your office. A good feature wall can change the mood of your client or customer and also become a good coffee talk to ice breaking topic too. Therefore, try to provide a prominent and outstanding feature you can and talk to your painter for the ideas.

Discuss with your experience Painter to transform your ideas from your mind into the object. Don’t restrict into two dimension, texture surface, think about 3-D and enhance with objects, layers’ objects etc.

Wall painting can be fun and beyond is conventional painting job. Forget about most common lily white colour and opt for prominent and special texture paint to highlight your office’s motto. You may have a choice to turn a wall with wall paper, or repainting with flying colour or company theme colour and decorate with slogan, decorate panels etc.

Talk to your experience painter if you could. If not, talk to us and we will help you to provide some  outstanding feature painting wall has been done by many other office. Let it live.


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Make Different in your Office Wall

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