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How to Maximise Small Spaces with Painting

How to Maximise Small Spaces with Painting Nov 23, 2013

Whether you are living in a private property, condominium, or hdb flat, learning how to maximise small spaces will definitely come in handy at some point in your life. The reason why I even started researching … Out of all the tips I am giving, this is the most important. Seems logical and is something you will do, but … Its the same logic as clothes, wear something dark it makes you look slimmer, paint the room dark it looks smaller. Also, white and light background will be a…


Small space with colour

Other Way to Enhance the Spaces with painting work:

  •  Do consider to add bright colour to your rooms and wall with added some fixture light glass or mirror.
  • Customise your furniture and built in cabinet and make full use of each corner and dead corner.
  • Create a theme look feature and bland with the wall painting colour, ceiling colour to the furniture too. With thematic in place, it will look tidy and organize compare with mix and match method.

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