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Metal Grills at your House

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In Singapore, it is widely use by a lot of home owner to install metal grills to the door and windows for the safety reason. In those year back, metal grills which is formed in mild steel or galvanised steel grills will be coated with acrylic oil paint to the selected colour. Do not mentioned the recently hot design of invisible grills that using stainless steel rod, aluminium window or stainless steel grills that not required any painting.

Over years, due to wear and tear, the paint of the metal grills will be loose, peel off or damages. To repaint the metal grills will be the easy way to turn the fresh look of the grills.

The process of re-coating of metal grills may look easy and can be done by DIY if you want. If the base coat is still in good condition, primer may not be required and just apply the finishing coat that you want.

For damages paint cases, these are few steps to take to note:

  • Scrub away the rust with a hardwire brush
  • Use sandpaper to sand down the peeling off paint, scrub away the surface to the bare metal to get ready for painting.
  • apply matching primer for the steel
  • If you would like to apply two type of colour, always paint the dark colour after the light colour for the enamel paint.
  • using masking tap to patch on the edge of wall to prevent over painting.
  • complete two coat of paint and allow for curing time.
  • place a “wet Paint” sign to prevent damages.

If the metal grills are form up with complicated design, the removal process of the base paint may be challenging. Do consider using paint removal by using the wet cloth to remove. Don’t forget all the necessary safety personal protection equipment such as face mask and rubber glove when carry out the painting job.

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