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Plan for Exterior House Painting ?

Plan for Exterior House Painting ?

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Thinking how to make a new coat of painting for your exterior house? Don’t you agree that the outlook of the house can bring you feel differently and stay fresh compare with other.

If you are staying in apartment and condominium or HDB flat, we can’t control the colour scheme of the exterior building. However, you still have vote for your opinion if your MCST is collecting the residential opinion or suggestion.

You have all the control if you own the landed house.

Plan for Exterior Painting of the House

Are you stay away of the break your pocket when you repainting your house exterior? Or having problem to get the right painter, nice painting scheme and have a night mare of messy job by your previous painter? You may need a plan and some research.

 Condition of Exterior Wall

If you house is more than 10 years, you may need to consider to check the condition of the exterior wall. There might experience some damages, cracks, growing of plants( yes, this is not kidding, especially at flat roof flat), water seepage etc. These wall need to be repaired and treated before any painting to be carried. Get a painter be able to to perform a good job and experience to repair the problem before engaged them. Or else, you may get another general contractor or waterproofing contractor to tackle the problem.

Water jet to remove the dirt or peeling off paint exterior wall prior to paint is important. If the painting work is directly applied without perform cleaning or surface preparation, the bonding of fresh coat to existing wall may not be well done. It will directly affect the paint coating lifespan.

 Is Sealer Paint required?

If you would like to change the colour scheme, a oil sealer paint may need to consider to tone down and increase the bonding for the new and old paint. Of course, it will also increase the coating lifespan.

Type of Paint

Enamel paint or oil wait is always used for exterior paint wall painting. Enamel paint is provided more weather resistance and UV protection and pro-long the colour provided you have done all the good surface preparation at first. Apply a oil sealer primer or sealer and minimum two coat of finishing paint.  Choose the  right paint, investigate them all first and choose one that is specially formulated to tackle the problems that are prevalent in the area. Most of the exterior paint is water repellant.


Repair the Wall

For the existing wall, if there are area is found uneven, especially at the sun light area, what should you do after the wall is being painted? You may consider to provide exterior putty and trowler smooth to localised unevenness paint,  sand down and check by use do flood light and localised check again before repaint the wall.

Do allow for proper curing time for the putty that applied to prevent water trapping after the new paint is applied.


At Painting services in Singapore island wide, we are happy to let our clients do the talking. We believe a residential painter should always provide quality work and great customer services, discuss the preference, provide the options and do a good job and preparation is ensure the job is perform satisfactory. We are serving our client even in Sentosa Cove and welcome all the home owner in Singapore to talk to us.

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Plan for Exterior House Painting ?

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