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Reinstatement Painting

When you need reinstatement painting services?

You may face the reinstatement painting work when you have to hand over the room, house or unit back to the landlord, management when the lease is ended. Unless you are renew your lease, you may request your landlord or management to provide to repaint your house if they agreed.

In some cases, the lease of agreement requested you to reinstate the unit to the original state and provide 2 coats of paint. Of course, the work shall include patch up the damages, holes and things are re-modified back to the original condition. You may opt to have a early discussion with your landlord/ building management to establish the extend of reinstatement involve. However, the basic reinstatement shall done rule out to provide new coat of painting to wall and ceiling.


Extend of Painting Services

The common reinstatement painting  service is provided the following work:

  • ceiling painting
  • wall patch up and making good
  • wall painting
  • re-sanding the timber flooring and coating
  • piping painting
  • door frame make good and varnishing
  • etc.

Why US

We had assist of a lot of client to just repaint the house, office or shop unit in order to facilitate the hand over process.  Our counterpart is expert in reinstatement work, so that we could assist in any others repair, relocation, reinstatement or new installation of the work if needed. An experience painter may be able to choose the right paints, provide the proper finishing to provide quality painting work. We do understand the time is always a main concern, and we will try our best to back up to support the urgent request with little premium for last minutes ad hoc call and delivery the job accordingly. We quote a reasonable and yet competitive price to get the reinstatement done properly and effectively.

Most of client is our regular customer from the home owner for the rented unit, office tenants, retail shop occupier and some related business owner.

Talk to us and we could provide you with a non-obligation quote.

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