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Repainting BTO HDB Flat

Repainting BTO HDB Flat

You have your new key of BTO flat from the HDB and thinking to repaint the house with new paint that you like?

Most of the original paint that provided by HDB is in white and the door is with enamel paint , and you may have your colour theme for your house that match your taste and choice of furniture.



Repainting some of the wall in feature colour will be your must have investment for your basic renovation.

If you are not plan to have a major renovation and rushing to move in and stay in your new BTO flat, following are the some things you need to consider prior the repainting work started.

Things to take know when Repaint your BTO flat

  1. Do ensure all the necessary modification work such as changing of door, modification like hacking off the kitchen wall to be done prior the repainting work.
  2. If you are plan to install some ceiling cornices, false ceiling or L-box, you may do so before the painting work too.
  3. In some cases, you may need some extra power points and lighting points in some rooms or kitchen, you may do so too before the paint work.
  4. For the other add on fixtures like built in cabinets, wardrobe, curtain, you may need to start the painting work first and allow for additional trips of paint work to touch up after the completion of the feature. As in some cases, the mover, curtain installer or carpenter may scratches the wall or ceiling and even wrong fixtures up the screw and damage the wall paint.

Do you still need to repainting the wall with sealer coat? This is most commonly ask question by the home owner where they are worry whether the painter may short change or short cut about the coat of paint.

In generally, the sealer coat or primer coat of paint is basically a must to do when the wall is a fresh wall without a paint. It is regardless whether the wall is brick ( plaster wall) or dry wall partition. The sealer coat is act as bonding coat to improve the adhesiveness between the two different type of materials. If a new wall without the sealer coat ( oil base or water base), the finishing quote may not be last long as it could be ( eg. 5 years protection as claimed by the paint manufactures) and it will be debonded or peeling off easily. If the wall is damp and subject to weather, the problem may occur more faster.

If you wall is performing re-plastering over the existing paint wall, you may need to re-apply sealer coat prior the selected finishing coat. This is quite common when old hdb wall may not be even, or in some cases you are plan to remove the existing tile and change it to plaster wall or existing rock stone paint texture that you may not like and carry out replastering work/ putty to smoothen the wall or ceiling, you may need to apply additional sealer coat.

Looking a Painter for your BTO Flat?

To avoid shoddy work or short cut work by ‘freelance painter’ or non-direct contractor source, you may seriously consider to approach reliable painter contractor with registered company that know their work and provide warranty for the painting work.

Do call us for non-obligation quote or site visit for your house painting work. Talk to 9 Reno Pte Ltd. today.

Talk to 9 Reno Pte Ltd

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Repainting BTO HDB Flat

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