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Repainting Services

 Are you thinking to repainting your properties?

You may bore with old faced painting color for the house and paint that more than 5 years, or there is peeling off paint on your wall or ceiling. There are many reason when you can start think about repainting your house of properties:

  • The paint is over 5 years or beyond, which is  started fading off or discoloring
  • there are peeling off paint appear on wall or ceiling
  • change of use for the space and required darker or lighter color
  • repainting to match new new themes of the house
  • re-configuration of your properties by adding or renovate your properties
  • water seepage and spalling concrete  problem
  • etc.

If you issues are fall under defects or problems of your wall or ceiling to leak you for decide to repainting your properties, you may need to find a good contractor be able to diagnosis and identified the root cause and treat before repainting work started. It wouldn’t help if just repaint the wall with new paint and the problem will resurface after 1 year.


paint peel off

Repainting Services Process

The experience painter shall be able assist, advise and resolve your issue:

  • spot the existing problem and pre-ampt the issue
  • advise the possible root cause and treatment or solution ( or recommend the suitable party for the solution)
  • surface preparation before repainting, by remove existing paint, water jet existing paint or scrape off exiting damage paint
  • propose a suitable paint start from primer, sealer or under coat to finish coat
  • discuss and select the color scheme with owner
  • Mock up sample if required
  • protection and covering

You your unit or properties is not vacate during the period of repainting work, the process may take longer than usual as it is involve of shifting of stuff and furniture, remove temporary fixtures and cabinet if possible. The painting jobs normally do not include the cost for those remove and reassembly of your temporary fixture and cupboards and the owner shall arrange someone handy to manage that. However, we are able to assist on shifting furniture and this will need to be informed in advance as this required extra protection and resources to get this done.


Site Visit and Preparation for Repainting Job

The site visit and preparation is equally important with the repainting work. This will ensure smooth process of painting work and get the issue fix prior the actual paint work is started. A minor touch up can be easy done if the wall or ceiling is chipped off, scratches or hairline crack on the surface. Putty touch up, filling and sanding process may need to get it and allow a proper curing time. If work is involved cement plaster repair, concrete repair, waterproofing work repair, reinforcement bar treatment  and grouting work,  all the repair work may various depend on the seriousness from case to case basic.

Not all painter is experience and able to resolve the defects and issue. Discuss with painter and get the right and suitable painter for your job is essential.

Just Want a Quick Repainting Work ?

Your unit is tenanted, the operation is not able to shut down for your business and do not have time for repair work?  Yup, in some cases, if your wall or ceiling is not badly damage, by just repainting a new coat with minor touch up can do the job and get it done within a day or two without affect the operation work. That is still better for doing nothing and let it deteriorate further.

Select your preferred color scheme and have a refreshing painting job done.

wall-painting-colors-chart 1

Looking for Repainting Painter?

If you are looking for  painter that provide repainting services with :

  • Free quotation
  • Trustworthy team and workers
  • Accept small or large jobs
  • No short change of quality paints

Call us and we are happy to have a site visit and provide non-obligation quote.

Hire Painting Contactor Singapore

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