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Repainting Wall after the removal of Poster

Repainting Wall after the removal of Poster

Many people may face an issue when you remove the poster, banner etc that which is using double sided tape, mounting tape or sticker on the painted wall. How to made your DIY painting job easy and let us get the correct tools.

To remove the sticky glue stain, mounting tape on the wall is almost a problem for home owner when you need it to remove before painting.

glue stain and mark on wall

The glue is usually not easily remove with scraper or pen-knife. The following are the essential tools for you to prepare when you need to get rid of sticker glue with less effort.

  • Turpentine
  • Scraper
  • Stopping compound

Take a cloth and tap with turpentine for the glue mark and stain. Make wet on the surface and wait for 5 minutes.

Apply the turpentine to the area again and use scraper to remove the glue stain gently.

Note: Always try the first spot on the corner area when you are not sure. Try on one spot first before apply on the large area. If the base paint is peeling off and etching badly, you may need to get professional advise separately.

For the area of paint is damaged and peeling off area, you may using stopping compound to the hole and smoothen the surface with putty. Use sandpaper to sand down the residue if necessary.

The wall is ready to repaint your intended paint after the glue or sticker mark has been removed. For stubborn case where the stain mark is not able to remove after use of turpentine, you may consider to grind off the mark with grinding machine ( using fire cutter plate) and use the stopping compound to smoothen the surface.

For repainting work, if the wall is emulsion base, any water base paint can be used base on your preferred colour. If the wall is painted with enamel paint before, you may need to use the same type of paint instead.

Grab this DIY tips for your DIY painting work and enjoy.


Tips: Turpentine is a solvent material and widely use to clean brushes and other tools. It also can called a paint thinner in other term. Other than clean your tools and glue stain, it can be used to clean the paint on your hand or body when the paint is contacted. Wash with clean water after apply. You can easily buy it from any paint shop and hardware shop in anywhere in Singapore.

Looking for Painter?

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Repainting Wall after the removal of Poster

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