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Residential Painting Services

Need Painting Job for Your Residential Property?

Looking for quality painter to painting your residential property? If you have doubt on common painter, do turn to the professional painter have experience on all types of residential to take care of your house.

Type of Painting Work

Have a quick look on the range of painting work available on residential job :

  • Internal house painting ( Emulsion Paint)
  • Exterior wall painting ( Arcylic oil paint)
  • Ceiling & Wall painting
  • Feature wall painting ( Texture, effects, sand blasting etc.)
  • Metal work painting ( Eg. Gate, grilles painting)
  • Timber door, timber railing or wood finishes varnishing
  • Timber floor sanding and varnishing
  • Spray painting on metal, aluminium and special finishes

Different type of finishes that required to be painted or coated are required used different paint, and equipments or tools to be applied are varies too. Not many painter be able to handle all type of painting jobs and need different expertise and experience.

Problem of Poor Painting Job?

Have you ever experience of poor painting job that become faded easily, peeling off too quickly, colour disordering, paint not be able to dry, unevenness of paint effect, bubbling or air pocket etc. ?

There are many reasons cause the problems and some lead by combination of few factors. Most commonly issues are basically are follows:

  • Experience of painter
  • Surface preparation is not done properly ( New painting or Repainting)
  • Use a wrong type of paint on the finishes
  • Do not follow good practice of painting and manufacture recommendation ( Eg. not enough curing time)
  • Poor painting techniques
  • Inferior quality of painting
  • Never resolve the root cause of surface problem ( Eg. Water dampness)
  • Etc.

To do a good painting job for residential job, the sequence of painting and the construction activities may required years of experience in order to provide a good job. The paint company commitment and the team to lead the painter and no short cut in order to maintain the quality work. We are serious on our job, and always advise client on the right paint, best option with most reasonable budget on the painting assignment.

Our painting services that we offer all kind of residential property such as :

  • Landed House
  • Terrace house
  • HDB apartment
  • Condominium

For repainting job, we are be able to assess the existing condition and diagnoses on the the root cause problem and recommend solution and repair it before painting.

  Why engage us for your painting work?

Our team are consist of different experience from residential to commercial project. We had served many happy  house owner  to turn the house satisfactory. House owner shall rest assure we do not just delivery a quality job, we also do not compromised on the safety when perform the job. We believe build right the start, plan ahead and get it right at once.

We work closely on major paint manufacturer in the market such as Nippon, ICI, Jotun, International Paint etc to provide comprehensive warranty on the paint and workmanship up to industrial standard.


Ready to Talk ?

If you are seriously looking for a professional painter that be able to to handle all types of paint required for the house, look no other, call us. Talk to us for the best quote and get free advise on the best option you can have.

We dare to compare our job and service.


Painting Contractor Singapore



Some of our recent Jobs for Residential Painting:

1. HDB Apartment – Punggol Block 166

2. Terrace House – Siglap Road

3.  Condominium – The Jade, Bukit Batok


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