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Timber Door Painting

Faded Timber Door colour need a coat Paint?

You may not satisfied with the peeling off paint or faded colour coating on your solid timber door panel after years of installation. In some cases, the door frame or surface panel is full of scratches, marks, dented or even it has been scribble with  pen marks and need to find solution to re-paint the door.

timber door painting

Checked the Door Condition

If the door hinges or knob is required to be replaced and thinking to change to new ironmongeries, it should be do so before repainting work. Any damage part, frame that required to be repaired by carpenter it should be assessed prior of any painting job.

For those timber door has been painted many time over the years of improvement work, it should be considered to remove the existing paint by paint removal and remove the unwanted paint/ thick paint when is wet.

Oil Based Paint Vs Varnishing Paint

Those in clear coating paint finish timber door is basically used varnishing paint to bring up the natural wood colour or vain. If the timber door is coated with more solid colour paint, it would be basically used oil or water paint/ enamel paint application. The following picture are some of the different paint for the timber door.


Timber door enamel paint


Choose Your Varnish or Paint Colour

You have a choice to choose range of colour for your timber door, the staining tone of colour can be selected on matt, semi gross or glossy finish. It is applied to the water or oil based enamel paint too.colour timber varnishing range

Need a Painter for Help

Engage our team of professionals to get this arduous task done for you. Our timber door painting services are priced reasonably to suit our customers. Send us your existing timber door photos to assess the situation or confirm the type of existing paint, we can provide a quick quote accordingly.

In some type of door, the timber door is laminated with selected veneer, only the timber lipping can be painted and paint the door frame. Talk to us, our experience painter can assist you.

Why Us?

Other than assessment, we can also provide recommendations to fix your defective wooden door. Timber door carpenter or door smith will be recommended if there is a need.

We will protect your finishes by covering them before beginning to paint. Areas whereby painting is not required such as door knob will be covered so that the paint does not get onto it.We will offer you a warranty period and will be glad to do touch-ups for you if the paint were to wear off or flake in less than a year except damages.

Talk to 9 Reno Pte Ltd

Look more than painting your door, click to know more of our painting services.

Our recent painting job done :

  • 3 Room HDB flat @ Bedok Reservoir


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