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Interior Painting

Looking for Interior House Painting Services ?

The painter that provide

  • Free quotation
  • Trustworthy team and workers
  • Accept small or large jobs
  • No short change of quality paints
  •  Experience and follow best painting practice
  • Accept payment on completion

Interior painting works for your house, HDB, condominium or even your commercial building ( office, retail shop etc.) can be a mixtures feeling to different individual. The process of interior painting services that experience by some one may be a fun way or nightmare for others. However, the outcome of interior painting work shall meet your minimum expectation’s objective after your spending time and money to have a new coat of paint.

Interior Painting to Wall and Ceiling

How to delivery a good result ?

1. Choose the Colour Theme

Making the correct choice of colours can turn your room change in atmosphere. We are providing help to propose best combination of colour scheme that suit your intended function for the space.

Don’t forget to match your furniture, electrical appliances, art work, and other fixtures in the room. We help our clients to choose the colours suit for the wall, ceiling, doors and grills that be able to enhance the feature. Tell us your special requirement and ideas so that we can best tailor made the best colour theme.

Different colours can provide different psychologically effect for the mood of the person, by defining the usage and intended purpose of the room can help to made a better decision.

2. Right Choice of Paint Type

There are many types of paint use for different type of finishing. Basically there are enamel paint/ oil paint or emulsion paint to be used for majority of interior wall or ceiling painting job.

If it is new built property, the bare finish of the wall may require to apply sealer ( emulsion or oil base) before application of the selected paint. Emulsion paint is recommended to apply for masonry finishes, and as for enamel paint, it is normally use for timber, metal, PVC surface, of course, masonry wall surface too.

3. Surface Preparation

In order to prolong the life span of painting work, proper surface preparation should not take it lightly. If the existing wall is damp, treat the root problem before any painting. If the metal grill has been painted many times before, the existing paint shall be removed by paint removal chemical and follow by primer and finishing paint.

Check the existing wall, ceiling or floor condition, repair or make good the crack, sand down the unevenness, fills up gaps, remove any foreign particular or provide putty to make the surface smooth before new painting work.

No short cut and follow the best industrial and manufacturer’s recommendation.

4. Protection

There is no point to paint the wall and there is dripping paint on your new marble floor or furniture. Good protection measure will safe the trouble and prevent the unnecessary damages  on other appliances or fixtures. This is extremely important when the repainting work is being carried out on the existing house that are occupied.

Relocation and empty the room to be painted can avoid the damages by the paint. If it is unavoidable, additional protection can help to minimise the damages.


Why Choose Us ?

Our painter is being in the painting job more than 10 years. They are capable to handling varieties of different type of interior painting, remodelling project to special effects requirement.

We will work hand in hand with client to establish the colour scheme, problem recommendation solution for the problems and use the quality paint for the job. We can recommend and use any type of major paint such as ICI, Nippon, Jotun to Kasai Paint.

We provide interior painting for :

  • Masonry Wall Painting
  • Ceiling Painting
  • Door and frame Painting
  • Metal grills Painting
  • PVC pipes painting
  • Timber decking painting
  • Etc.

Trust us to hand your residential or office interior painting project for us. We guarantee the quality and workmanship for our job and finish the job on time discusses. Call us for free quotation.

Hire Inteior Painter Singapore

Our recent job:

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2. Retail Shop – Woodlands Point, Woodland Central Road

3. Residential house – Simei Rise Condominium

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